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 “This is a Solution that will forever change the course of diabetes treatment in the history of medicine and mankind” – International Journal of medical research

You are about to read what will change your life and that of your loved ones. If you read till the end of this  chat, you will discover what will help you reverse your Diabetes Naturally. 

For your sake, you should read till the end this chat we were able to get from ever busy scientist that is using natural means to benefit the health of all tribes and races around the world in a dynamic way.


Find out from this chat with the reknown world leading scientist how natural scientific discovery is bringing hope to people facing life threatening challenges as a result of having high blood sugar.


Over 4757+ and counting Nigerians have benefitted from the solution over the past 18 months, hope for life restored, even at a chronic stage of diabetes.


If you are having issues with high blood sugar readings or know someone who is having high blood sugar levels, then the content of this page is critical to helping you or them overcome this high blood sugar problem without setbacks and side effects. 


It is STRONGLY advised you pay attention to every word on this page and go through this interview with Dr. Vivian as she expounds on ways to eradicate Diabetes totally.

Dr. Vivian is restoring hope in the field of Naturopath; a field dealing with using natural methods and medicine to heal and restore body vitality and health.


She is well known for following thoroughly the works of the ancient Greek “Father of Medicine”, Hippocrates and also an ardent student of modern pioneers of Natural Medicine such Alfred Vogel, Samuel Thomson just to mention a few.

Dr.Vivian has been regarded as a light to the world of Natural and Herbal Medicine because of her heavy contributions and labor of work in the field to restore the dignity once ascribed to the field, right before the spread of the orthodox form of treatment. 

She is based in India and carries out her laboratory duties in Mumbai India, where she has made a lot of re-discovery of ancient means of healing to health challenges such as diabetes, hypertension, stomach ulcer and arthritis.

In this interview, we will be talking to her about her discovery on diabetes and how this has been helping people get rid of high blood sugar levels.

Good day Dr. Vivian, can we meet you?

Thank you very much, my name is Vivian Anupam also known as Dr.Vivian a natural medical practitioner and advocate, I have over 23 years of research and laboratory work in the field of Naturopath. I am based in India but having a corresponding office in Nigeria back at home.

Looking at our society today, what would you say it’s a major challenge for your field?

Well, the awareness on this particular field of interest has been low, the last 2 decades have shifted the focus away from the original and natural mode of healing and treatment to the famous and orthodox means of treatment.

And mind you the orthodox means of treatment is based on chemical synthesis of natural ingredient which is why there are a lot of side effects attached to using that mode of treatment for healing.

In one of your publications, you stated that the world will soon be feeling what the Big Pharmaceuticals are doing, can you tell us more?

Alright, let me explain this using an illustration, our body system is designed to function properly alongside our ecosystem.

That is the natural things you see all around us, so much so that when you are thirsty all you need to do is drink water and the thirstiness will by itself quench or go away, do you know that if you are thirsty and you consume either soft drinks or alcohol or other water based chemical products, your thirst does not really go?

Why is this so?  It’s because although there is a resemblance of water in these products, you can’t relate with it because of the chemical present.

What I am trying to say for short is that your body on its own can identify natural elements and non-natural elements which is why there is an increasing prevalence of side effects, cancers and other deadly diseases in our society today which was not the case some 2,000 – 4,000 years ago.

Take for example, the car you drive to work runs on gasoline (petrol) can you because the price of gasoline (petrol) or that it is scarce and expensive decide to pour another variant of fuel be it kerosene or diesel in to your tank because they are all fuels? I guess the answer is an outright NO.

But why do we feel we can pour chemicals and pills into our natural body because these are synthesis of the natural compound responsible for healing and restoration.

What I just explained, is where the gap lies for ages on how to treat, cure and reverse aging ailments like diabetes, hypertension and even arthritis for ages past and this what I have dedicated my last 23 years researching and connecting the dots.


Thank you doctor for that detailed explanation, now we know the reason why some of the pills don’t work perfectly, can you explain to us why some people that are in the mid age are already getting diagnosed with Diabetes?

Alright, thanks for that question, you see Diabetes is predominantly categorized in to 3, we have:

1.      Type 1 Diabetes: this one is as a result of genetic disorder and it often shows up early in life, what is going on here is not a lack of insulin production, but that your white blood cells known as the soldiers of the body or the immune system of the body, whose responsibility is to fight off infections and unwanted substances (these are materials the body consider as being dangerous).

So in the case of type 1 your immune system fights the insulin cells destroying them, so we have lesser number of it in your bloodstream and because the immune system is very strong when you are young. 

The resultant effects are almost immediate in life, you see some children, teenagers and young adults being diagnosed with High Blood Sugar and most times it is not their diet fault.

2.     Type 2 Diabetes: this type is largely as a result of diet and you see this type develops over time, you will be seeing the warning signs early on when it poses itself as the pre-diabetes type.

Let me add to it that research has also proven that this type of diabetes can be passed down through the genes, the distinguishing factor is the time of it being manifested, it usually starts exhibiting signs and symptoms when the carriers of such genes have lived up to 4 decades upwards. The third form of it is called…

3.     Pre-diabetes: it is an early stage of Type 2 diabetes but is not yet chronic and devastating but proceeds rapidly to a type 2 diabetes form. This is also highly dependent on your diets and genes.

So if either of your parents experienced it, you are 45% more likely to experience it. But if treated and properly managed on time you are more likely to be on your way to escape from the tolls and effects of it.


Thank you Doctor, can you tell us about the signs and symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes?

People with type 2 diabetes often have no symptoms. When they do appear, one of the first may be being thirsty a lot. Others include dry mouth, bigger appetite, peeing a lot (more than 2 during night sleep), sometimes as often as every hour  and unusual weight loss or gain.

And then these symptoms proceed to something I tagged as “Later Signals” and as your blood sugar levels get higher, you may have other problems like headaches, blurred vision, and fatigue.

So Doctor, how does an individual know that their high blood sugar situation is becoming critical?

Well, it is not far-fetched from what I listed before but there are indications that show when Diabetes is getting chronic with an individual in many cases, Type 2 diabetes isn’t discovered until it takes a serious toll on your health. 

Some red flags include:

  • Cuts or sores that are slow to heal

  • Frequent yeast infections or urinary tract infections

  • Itchy skin, especially in the groin area

Doctor, are there other areas of the body system that  high blood sugar affect?

Yes, there are couple of areas that involves our daily activities that once you become diabetic, they start to malfunction or can’t perform tasks like before, so I would highlight key areas of our lifestyle that Diabetes really do affect:

1.     It reduces your desire and performance in the “Oda room”, I mean it affects your sexual drive drastically, Diabetes can damage blood vessels and nerves in your genitals. This could lead to a loss of feeling and make it hard to have an orgasm. 

Women are also prone to vaginal dryness. About 1 in 3 who have diabetes will have some form of sexual trouble.


Between 35% and 70% of men who have the disease will have at least some degree of impotence in their lifetime.

2.      Digestive System Failure: In type 2 diabetes, your cells can’t use sugar properly. That means there’s a lot of it in your blood. 

You know Diabetes can also be termed to be a condition called Insulin Resistance, your body makes the hormone, but your cells don’t use it or respond to it like they should.

If you’ve had type 2 diabetes for a while but haven’t treated it, your pancreas will make less insulin. And this makes you feel weak and hungry most of the time, thereby causing an increase in the intake of food and this results to rapid weight gain.

3.      Heart and Artery Troubles: If you don’t treat diabetes with a healthy natural solution and diet, you’re more likely to get plaque in your arteries than people who don’t have it. 

This sticky substance slows blood flow and increases your risk of clots. It leads to hardening of the arteries (called atherosclerosis), which makes you more likely to have a heart attack or stroke. 

About 2 of 3 people with diabetes die of heart disease. Just imagine the risk that Diabetes untreated brings along with it

4.      Kidney Complications: The longer you have diabetes, the greater the chance you’ll get chronic kidney disease. Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure.

It’s to blame for about half (close to 50%) of the new cases. Controlling your blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol can lower your risk for this complication. 

Yearly tests and natural medications can slow the disease and keep your kidneys healthy.

5.      Blurry Vision and Sight Issues: High blood sugar can damage the tiny blood vessels that bring oxygen and nutrients to the retina, a critical part of your eye. 

This is known as Diabetic Retinopathy, and it can lead to vision loss.

It’s the leading cause of new cases of blindness in people between the ages of 20 and 74. Pools of blood, or hemorrhages, on the retina of an eye are visible.

6.      Wounds and Injuries not healing up: Diabetic nerve damage can make it hard to feel your feet. 

You might not notice wounds. At the same time, hardening of the arteries reduces blood flow to the area. Even a small injury can cause foot sores and gangrene.

In severe cases, infections can result in an Amputation. Imagine being at the risk of getting your leg amputated all because you didn’t take care of your blood sugar.

Wow! Doctor, that’s a lot, what are risk factors associated with this particular ailment?

Well, there are risk factors that aid the development of diabetes in an individual and I will like to put it out there for people to be familiar with it, because there are risk factors you can control and there are some you can’t but just manage them effectively, so let me point them out;

First, I will start with ones you can control, here are some of the risk factors:

·         Being overweight, especially at the waist

·         Inactive and sedentary lifestyle

·         Eating a lot of red meat, processed meat, high-fat dairy products, and sweets

·         Unhealthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels

·         Smoking

  Now, let me go on to the ones you have no control over:

·         Family history of diabetes: Having a parent or sibling with diabetes boosts your odds.

·         Age: Being 45 and older raises your risk of type 2 diabetes.

Please note that the more risk factors you have, the more likely you’ll get type 2 diabetes.

Then, there are risk factors for women aside the ones I mentioned earlier and they are possible as woman for you if you;

·         Had gestational diabetes when you were pregnant

·         Delivered a baby that weighed over 9 pounds

·         Had polycystic ovary syndrome (hormonal disorder causing enlarged ovaries with small cysts on the outer edges).

Thank you so much Doctor for such a detailed explanation, having said all these, what is the way forward for people dealing with any form of Diabetes?

Most people results into swallowing pills upon pills and getting insulin shots every now and then.

This results in to more complications than positive result, because of the side effects and they also become dependent on these aids for the rest of their lives, and this is purely because of the gains the Big Pharmaceuticals make from these injections and pills they pour out into the market and not even bothered by the health and life of the users.

Research has proven that more diabetic deaths are associated with the side effects of these pills.

Which is why my team and I embarked on a research to find out how to help people with diabetes reverse and recover also since it largely depends on the diet taken we also looked into that.


And after 8 years of substantial evidential experiments we were able to come up with a Revolutionary products and they are not what you are used to at all because the rate at which we receive testimonies is outstanding from Asia, America and about 3 years ago we extended our reach to West African Countries and I can tell you the result is outstanding.

Doctor, can you tell us more about your products?

Alright, like I mentioned earlier we have a revolutionary products for Diabetes and it is;


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